Euler Gives Hacker 24 Hours to Return Stolen Funds or Face Arrest

• Euler, an Ethereum-based lending protocol, is attempting to retrieve the almost $200 million stolen by a hacker two days ago.
• On Tuesday, the team behind the project sent an on-chain message to the address holding the stolen funds, offering a 24 hour ultimatum to return 90% of the funds or face arrest.
• Euler has also contacted law enforcement in the U.K and U.S., and is working with security partners to retrieve the stolen funds.

Euler’s 24-Hour Ultimatum

Euler, an Ethereum-based lending protocol, is doing its best to retrieve almost $200 million in various coins that were stolen by a hacker two days ago. On Tuesday, Euler sent an on-chain message to the address holding the stolen funds with a 24 hour ultimatum: if 90% of the funds are not returned within 24 hours, then tomorrow they will launch a $1M reward for information that leads to their arrest and recovers all funds.

Second Message Sent

On Wednesday, Euler sent another message again asking for 90% of the stolen funds be returned. The message stated that returning this amount would halt investigations and allow them to focus on distributing what was recovered back to protocol users without needing to go through legal channels. This was their second message since Monday when they wrote in understanding that they were responsible for this morning’s attack before sending out their ultimatum on Tuesday night.

Contacting Law Enforcement

In addition to attempting retrieval of these funds through messaging with their attacker, Euler has already contacted law enforcement in both U.K and U.S., as well as cooperating with security partners in order to attempt recovery of these assets from whoever has them now.

Little Incentive To Return Funds

Many observers have argued that there is little incentive for whoever stole these coins from returning them due to how actively Euler is pursuing avenues of getting them back through legal means such as involving law enforcement agencies or other security partners available at their disposal..


Euler’s protocol has been successful in recovering over $19 million so far but still needs work with regards retrieving nearly 80% of what was taken away from them by hackers who exploited its bug vulnerabilities just last week Monday morning.. As such it remains yet unknown whether or not their ultimatums will carry any weight against whomever holds these assets now and whether they will comply with what has been proposed or simply ignore it altogether

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